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Exploring urban landscapes with a focus on documenting the human experience through the lens of art, music & culture.

Zoe is an Italian born multi – award winning producer, director, video editor and dancer.

Furthermore she is a creative consultant, womxn advocate, educator, curator and DJ.
Her dreams and career pursuits as multi-media artist, brought her to New York City where she currently lives and produces music videos, shorts, documentaries and creative content of different kind.
In 2023, Zoe performed “BESET” dance piece, created by Ann Sylvia Clark for BAAD!Ass Women Festival at BAAD Bronx. 
This April, the curator Marcus Glitteris, invited her to take part in the group Art Show “KNOW THY SELF” at Salomon Arts Gallery with her dance project “Rowing Upstream” video screening (City Artist Corps Grant winning). 
Her recent musical video creation “Show Up Jenny Sometime” won Best Music Video Award at Bowery Film Festival 2022.
(Watchable only here LINK)
Currently, Zoe teaches several workshops for after school programs and artist residencies at BRAC.
Zoe has produced many exhibitions, events and an impressive number of videos. She curates events and gatherings to raise awareness on social justice with recurring themes of diversity and racial equality in American culture. She amplifies cultural narratives through the arts and film; while connecting individuals to the people, and resources.
In 2021, Zoe was selected among many, for Topic Stories series: Best Walk | Ep 1.
To name a few, Zoe has choreographed Keys & Krates – featuring 070 Shake – music video “My Night“.  Zoe performed at Anita’s Way, Knockdown CenterBAM cafèInsitu Dance Festival and many more.
In 2017 she started her project “Womxn to The Front“, providing a platform for womxn film makers, visual artists and musicians; supporting gender equality with such tremendous impact.  
In 2013 she opened a space for artistic expression and performance called “Exit Room”. The unconventional gallery hosted and supported artists from all over the world and enjoyed a following of art critiques, art buyers and journalists. 

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