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Daniela “Zoe” Croci is an Italian filmmaker with a production company based in Brooklyn New York called Zoe Map Films. Zoe’s vision captures
urban landscapes with a focus on documenting the human experience through the lens of ART, MUSIC & CULTURE. Her career pursuits as a
filmmaker brought her to New York City where she now lives and produces music videos, fashion editorial videos, documentaries and commercials. In 2013 she opened a space for artistic expression and performance called “Exit Room”. The unconventional gallery hosted and supported artist from all over the world and enjoyed a following of art critiques, art buyers and journalists who always promoted and reviewed her unique projects . Zoe has produced more than 20 exhibitions and an impressive number of musical performances. She curates events and gatherings to raise awareness on social justice with recurring themes of diversity and racial equality in American culture. Zoe amplifies cultural narratives through the arts and film and connects individuals to the people, and resources they need to create a better future for themselves.



Download my ResumeEmail: zoe@zoemap.com

Facebook: zoemap
Instagram: zoemap
Vimeo: danielacroci                                                                                                                                                                                                YouTube: thebeatwoman

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